After 2010, hair transplantation resulted in a great deal of stress along with a method that received a great boost and became more and more preferred every day. The first of these was the mandatory hair cutting of those who wanted to do long hair transplantation. It was already a nightmare for those people who struggled with long-suffering baldness to get into the society with fully shaved hair. For this reason, many people have given up of hair transplantation. With the more effective use of the FUE Technique, we can say that in 2015 the method of applying long hair have been changed. Nowadays even there are very limited centers, using FUE technique, long hair can be planted without scraping the hair at all.


As the methods used in normal hair transplantation, Fue technique and long hair transplantation have the same function. The only difference between the long-haired method is that there is no need to cut or scratch the hair before the hair transplantation process. Especially for those who have thinning hair, the long hair transplantation method offers many advantages as a chance of personal chance.

You should choose your physician very well in order to apply this method called Long Hair Transplantation with Fue Technique in our country which is internationally known as Long Hair Fue Tech. Because it is different from normal hair transplantation procedures, it needs to be more reliable, experienced and knowledgeable. As this method is very difficult to implement, a more restricted area, it is the whole process of making better choice.


Hair loss and baldness in the anterior and posterior parts of the forehead, which is called the horny area among people, are quite common and widespread. Generally the first place where men are live baldness is called peak of hair. That is why the long hair transplantation method is used especially for those who have a dilatation in this region. At the thinned region, with special pen drawn the area which will be planted. An average of 40 to 45 grafts of the size of the head of a finger can be reach.

After the drawing, from the nape region an average of 500 to 1000 grafts are taken from hair roots encoded by code that will not loss for life. This work is difficult and the reason is that the region is unshaven, the area to be added is limited. After transplantation in the specified zones of patient is finish and work is done, the patient can return to normal life. It would not be any lie if we say, that no trace will be evident and nobody can understand that you done hair transplantation. As the method of long hair transplantation is more difficult and takes a longer operation time than other transplantation methods, the cost is slightly higher than the other.


  • It is not necessary to cut short your hair.
  • After hair transplantation, a non-aesthetic head image full of red abrasions is not encountered.
  • Immediately, can be adapted to social network
  • You do not have to wait every minute for the hair growth process, i.e you do not have to wait for the 1 year elongation process.

There are advantages like… Of course the reasons for this sort of order would be unfair to other factors in life. As a result, many people are in business life and have social life. Those who have never had hair cut in lengths of zero or three size before, it can be very difficult to dare to cut hair too short. In this case they are one of them. Those who do their hair differently than usual can sometimes see the reaction from their surroundings.  Such concerns are now completely eliminated by the long hair transplantation.