Lale Hair Transplantation Clinic, FUE is a well applied transplantation method which leads achieving most satisfactory results.

Hair transplantation is a process which must be done with utmost care by an experienced surgical team. The transplantation process is requiring highly advanced techniques and well-skilled team.

The process includes different stages starting from consultation to the post-op care. Even the process is usually done in a week, an experienced and high-quality clinic will always follow the healing stage and guide the patient.

Latest hair transplantation techniques include FUE hair transplantation which is used for many different occasions, both for women and men.


FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a hair transplantation technique that involves taking hair follicles from the skin, one by one, and implanting them in the desired area. The technique uses the latest technology and must be done by experienced surgeons.

FUE is a new method that replaces the more traditional and old-school FUT method. Unlike FUT, FUE hair transplantation does not leave large scars or any marks on both the donor and plantation areas.

FUE hair transplantation is becoming more and more popular every day. In Turkey, which is the most popular destination for hair transplantation, many clinics use FUE to treat their patients.


  1. The procedure starts with the surgeon shaving the hair at the donor area to one millimetre and applying local anaesthesia. 
  2. In the second step, the surgeon uses a micro punch tool to remove hair follicles from the area.
  3. The surgeon uses different tools like tiny needles or similar to apply tiny incisions and insert the hair follicles into these incisions. 
  4. After the incisions are complete, the surgeon will disinfect and clean the area and apply a bandage.


Even though these steps may seem easy, they must be done by a very experienced surgeon and made with high-tech equipment. Also, the condition of the operations room is extremely important to prevent any side effects or infections. At Lale Hair Transplantation Clinic, we use high-end equipment and isolated, sterilized operations rooms for our patients along with our experienced and expert medical professionals.


FUE hair transplantation is made by expert surgeons and highly skilled medical team at Lale Hair Transplantation Clinic. By using the latest developed techniques and technologies, the procedure can be done in a day and patient return daily life in a few hours after the operation.



FUE hair transplantation, the hair in the area where the roots will be removed is shortened to 1 mm. Then, hair roots and grafts are removed from the area with local anesthesia. It’s important to remove the root and tissue parts in the direction of hair exit to minimize damage to the roots. The appearance of roots with little destruction is a factor that can affect the success of the operation.


After the roots are removed, the next step is to open the channels on the scalp. Sapphire tips are used to create these channels. Finally, the removed roots are implanted one by one into the area where hair transplantation will be performed using similar procedures.


The procedure takes an average of 5 hours, depending on the area where the hair transplantation will take place and the expert’s experience. The transplantation process decommissioned for certain periods during the day takes place in one session.

One of the biggest advantages of the method is that it does not contain surgical interventions such as cuts, stitches, so it ends without scars and bandages. Therefore, the operation is easy and effortless for people.

The process, which takes place without pain and ache, is also easier to apply than the old techniques. People get a natural hair look without spending too much effort.


After collecting roots by FUE hair transplantation method, the channels where the roots will be placed are made with sapphire tip, pen-shaped tools. Sapphire, which is quite precious and delicate, is also quite durable.

Sapphire inserts used instead of steel inserts used in other transplantation operations allow for much finer and smoother cuts. Planted roots are likely to remain healthy, as they cause little damage to tissues during grooving.

This method causes very little damage to the skin, so there is also very little bleeding. Therefore, after Sapphire FUE hair transplantation, recovery occurs in a very short time. Thanks to the fine structure of the Sapphire, the channels open very often. After transplantation, the hair becomes dense and plump.

Hair Transplantation with Sapphire Percutaneous Technique

In hair transplantation operations, first of all, hair follicles are taken from the donor area, and then the channels in which these roots will be planted need to be opened. The Percutaneous technique is a method used in medical operations. In the Sapphire Percutaneous technique, these channels are opened with sapphire needle tips. Channels are opened in three dimensions, which is the method that causes the least damage to tissues. Therefore, it is a method that makes the operation painless but also speeds up the healing process.

Opening channels closest to the roots ‘ forms allows you to open a large number of channels. Thus, it offers both a natural look and a chance of easy operation. Sapphire percutaneous method, which allows more frequent transplantation, is one of the most commonly used methods in hair transplantation.


FUE hair transplantation is made without any scars or cuts on the skin, and this allows quick and easy recover after the operation.

When you are trusting to our medical professionals, you will always be well cared starting from the consultation stage to the post-op care. A well guided post-op care will help you to return your daily life in a day and provide a very rapid recovery.


As well as the hair transplantation process, it is important to pay attention to the examinations before and after.

  • Hair shaving is not recommended, except for a haircut using scissors after hair transplantation.
  • After the operation, by the time of washing the hair allowed by the expert, the shampoo recommended by the expert should be used.
  • When all these considerations are paid attention, the hair transplantation process can be completed successfully.


FUE method, which is the most advanced method for hair transplantation, has no disadvantages. But the doctor/specialist who will perform the procedure must be selected correctly. For a healthy and successful operation, physician experience and expertise are very important.

fue hair transplant in istanbul turkey
Lale Hair Transplantation Clinic always aims for the flawless results for FUE hair transplantation. Each year, thousands of patients trusts us for their operations and achieve results beyond reproach.



FUE hair transplantation prices differ as in other hair transplantation methods. One of the biggest factors in this difference is the size of the area to be transplanted and the procedures to be applied. The condition of hair follicles also causes price differences, as it requires additional procedures to be performed.

Another important factor is the center of hair transplantation and the person who will perform the procedure. Transplantation operations, which are medical procedures, must be performed by professionals in sterile environments. The success rate of hair transplantation results performed by experienced hair transplantation specialists is quite high. By correctly understanding your needs, it is necessary to decide the method that should be applied and the technical materials that will be used.



It occurs in the form of removing hair follicles from the donor area and placing them in the area where hair transplantation will be performed. The area where hair follicles will be removed is usually the hair on the back of the neck and the beard on the neck.

It occurs in the form of removing hair follicles from the donor area and placing them in the area where hair transplantation will be performed. The area where hair follicles will be removed is usually the hair on the back of the neck and the beard on the neck.

The process, which takes place without pain and ache, is also easier to apply than the old techniques. People get a natural hair look without spending too much effort.