Eyebrows, which have a very important place in the appearance of a person’s face, directly affect the physical image.

As a result of this situation, which can be achieved thanks to the eyebrow transplantation process, it is possible to obtain an eyebrow structure that cannot be noticed in any way and provides a fully natural appearance. If done by a team of experts, very successful results can be obtained with this process, a completely natural and aesthetic appearance can be obtained.

which can be shed due to genetic causes or certain diseases or lack of nutrients, can be restored thanks to modern medicine.



During eyebrow transplantation, special tip pens are used, just like in hair transplantation operations. These medical pens, which have a diameter of less than one millimeter, remove hair roots from the donor area and add them around the eyebrow.

Before the operation, the necessary examinations must be carried out correctly in the area that will be used as a donor. Hair follicles are suitable for use on the eyebrow, which is key to achieving a natural appearance. Therefore, starting before the operation, it is necessary to work with an experienced team that does its job in the best way at every point.

FUE and DHI methods can be used during the eyebrow transplantation process. The result of consultation and analysis is determined which method is most suitable for you. Factors such as how many grafts to use for the eyebrow, the structure of the hair follicles, and whether the area to be transplanted is sparse are effective in terms of the method to be selected.

During this operation, as with hair transplantation, a careful procedure is required. Hair follicles are not damaged, placed in the correct exit direction, and similar factors ensure the success of the operation.

It is also important that the patient’s demands are taken into account during the procedure. This work can be done not only to increase the amount of eyebrows but also to give the desired shape. If you work with an expert operation team, you can easily get the desired aesthetic image and experience a rapid healing process.



Consultation and necessary analysis should be done before eyebrow transplantation operation. As a result of these analyses, the region to be used as a donor is determined and the number of grafts is calculated.

Grafts taken from the donor area are placed in the transplantation area simultaneously and quickly. How long this process will take depends entirely on the number of grafts. If a small number of grafts are needed in the area where the transplantation will be held, the process will take much shorter.

Eyebrow transplantation is a procedure that is completed on average between two and three hours. During the operation, local anesthesia is applied to the patient. The patient can resume his or her life after the procedure. However, due to local anesthesia, it is recommended that the patient come to the operation with a companion.

After the operation,
dressing and various treatments may be required for a certain period of time. Your doctor will make the necessary recommendations on this issue, while other points that you should pay attention to will be detailed.



After eyebrow transplantation, you should avoid contact with water for a certain period. If the hair follicles come into contact with water without fully settling or become stressed by friction, they can cause shedding. As with hair transplantation, it is recommended that you choose a shirt instead of clothes such as a turtleneck after this procedure.

After this operation, sometimes swelling and edema may occur. This condition is temporary and will be noticeably reduced after the first few days. On average, in a week or so, traces of the operation are largely lost.

Shortly after
After eyebrow transplantation, conditions such as redness and crusting of the hair follicles can be seen in the first stage. Such conditions occur due to the placement of new hair follicles. According to your doctor’s advice, you can have a healthy and fast recovery process by using the necessary serums and tonics.

After the operation, it is very important to touch your eyebrows as little as possible and not to remove any shells that may occur. This can damage your eyebrows, causing the operation to fail. Again, you should not contact your face as much as possible after the procedure, avoid products such as alcohol, cigarettes, and carefully follow the recommendations of your doctor.

After a while (+)
After the eyebrow transplantation process is completed, the hair roots will start their new development within an average of three months. At this time, the scars gradually disappear and the eyebrows begin to form again. After that, on average, for a period, such as eight months, the eyebrows get a completely natural appearance, traces of the operation disappear.

Shock spill (+)
A condition called “shock spill” may occur after the operation. After about a month, the hair follicles begin to fall out to adapt to their new position. Such spills are considered normal, and after a short time, the eyebrows begin to grow again. Shock shedding can be seen very lightly or intensely depending on the area of eyebrow transplantation and the hormone balance of the person.



As a result of transferring hair follicles to a sensitive area, such as the eyebrow area, the body creates itching as a natural response. Itching occurs as a result of hair root transfer and does not cause any harm.

As the graft ducts fully fit and reach their necessary natural functions, the feeling of itching will pass. This process takes, on average, two weeks. Within two weeks, the itching subsides and largely disappears.

After the operation, itching can be seen not only in the transplantation area but also in the area used as a donor. This is again a common result associated with changing hair follicles. It does not contain any danger or harm. Again, it is recommended that you avoid touching any crusts that may occur and make as little contact as possible.

Dressing after eyebrow transplantation
After eyebrow transplantation, it is very important to use your medications and make dressings on time, and following the recommendations of your doctor. So that, it is possible to control many effects, including itching.

If the itching sensation is intense after eyebrow transplantation
After the operation, it should be noted that your hair follicles will be sensitive. Therefore, you should avoid touching and scratching your eyebrows as much as possible, especially in the early days. No matter how intense the feeling of itching is, you should ignore it by dealing with another thing.

If itching occurs at unbearable levels, you may need to consult your doctor and undergo a checkup. Although very rare, itching caused by infection can occur. In such cases, a solution will be provided with antibiotic therapy.


Eyebrow transplantation prices also vary depending on the method to be used. There is a price difference between FUE and DHI methods. Depending on the person’s demand and the suitability of the hair root structure, preference can be made between these methods.

The net cost for the operation can only be determined by consultation and analysis. Since the amount of graft required by each eyebrow will vary, it will not be right to give everyone the same price.

The method to be used, the need for graft in the region where the transplantation will be held, and some other factors have a decisive effect on the prices of eyebrow transplantation.

An average of 25 to 150 grafts is used for an eyebrow transplantation operation.
This number can be increased depending on how intense the shedding is and how intense the person demands an eyebrow.