Dhi hair transplant popular and highly demanded hair transplantation technique. DHI hair transplantation in Turkey is very common and proceed by experienced surgeons and high-skilled medical professionals.

Hair loss is a very common problem among the man and women which affects almost 85 percent of human population. The hair loss can occur during any period of life, starting from the childhood and most commonly in late ages.

Even the hair loss is a common and unreversible problem for everyone, professional hair transplantation clinics like Lale Hair Transplantation Clinic offers many different treatments and high-tech methods for regain lose hair.


DHI hair transplantation technique includes series of steps which allows surgeon to transfer hair follicles from one donor area to bald spots. DHI requires modern equipment and highly experienced team to operate.

DHI is one of the latest and most advanced technologies in hair transplantation. It is done without any scars on skin and have a very rapid healing process. Also, the patient could return daily life right after the surgery without any complications.


Like every other technique, DHI is also require a detailed consultation. During the consultation stage, surgeon and medical professionals checks the size of the transplantation, hair type and how many hair follicles will be needed to proceed. After the consultation, you will get the price for DHI hair transplantation and the progress will start after your confirmation.

Lale Hair Transplantation Clinic in Turkey will always provide budget-friendly costs and flawless results with its high skilled, high experienced medical professionals.

Since the needles used during hair transplantation;
have a very thin and sharp tip, this process is easily performed without damaging the hair follicles. The needle used during the process is called “Choi needle”. Because of this process, this method is sometimes called the “DHI Choi method”.

The procedure will continue with these steps:

  • Surgeon may shave your hair or not. It depends on your hair type, DHI hair transplantation can be done without shaving.
  • After preparing the donor area, surgeon extracts hair follicles with sensitive tools which have a fine tip.
  • Surgeon loads these follicles into a tool that has a shape like a pen and implants into bald parts of your head.
  • After the implantation, some creams or other medical supplies, and a bandage will be applied on the area for recovery process.


Every hair transplantation operation needs different approach and has very different time requirements. But mostly the FUE and DHI transplantation surgeries takes about three hours to eight hours and can be completed in a day.

After the surgery, patients could return their daily lives and perform every task normally. The surgery is made without any general anaesthesia, so patients recover after the procedure very fast.

Faster recovery is observed compared to many other hair transplantation methods.

Transplantation can be done without shaving.

It can be applied to completely lost hair or patients who continue to lose it. Regionally, it makes it possible to perform hair transplantation with a natural appearance. During transplantation, the hair that is not shed and healthy will not suffer any damage.

Since it is possible to work at frequent intervals in the transplantation area, hair with a more lush and natural appearance is obtained.

During Dhi hair transplantation, the hair roots are transferred to the point where they are needed without waiting too long. In this way, the loss of hair follicles is kept to a minimum.


It is decided as a result of the preliminary examination that the DHI hair transplant is suitable for whom.

Since the hair follicles are transplanted directly in this transplantation technique, the process must be performed very precisely.

The doctor who will perform the application must be an expert in his field.

Of course, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary examination to determine whether the procedure that will be performed is appropriate for you. Sometimes variables such as hair follicle depth and hair thickness can lead to the inability to perform a hair transplant using the DHI method.

The needles used to reach the hair follicles in the DHI method may not be suitable for everyone. In the early periods when this method began to be used, it was found that needles were not suitable for curly and wavy hair. However, due to the development of New Choi needles in later times and the fact that the method is more functional, the DHI method can often be applied to all hair types.


Certain points should be considered before the operation, both to perform the hair transplantation operation efficiently and to speed up the healing process.

Before DHI hair transplantation, drugs that prevent blood clotting should be discontinued at least one week in advance to avoid any complications. In order to reduce the risk of bleeding during surgery, you should decongest these medications for a certain period of time by consulting your doctor.

Again, blood-thinning drinks such as green tea should not be consumed a week before the operation because they affect blood flow. Before hair transplantation, you should also stop drinking caffeine and its derivatives, which will allow the operation to go healthier.

Alcohol and smoking, which directly affect the healing process, should be stopped one week before the operation. If smoking cannot be stopped, reducing it will allow the healing process to be completed much faster.

Hair care products, lotions, sprays, and creams can affect DHI hair transplantation operations. Therefore, you should stop using such products at least one month before the operation.

Any sedative or regional numbing can be performed during the hair transplantation process. It is not recommended to use the vehicle after such procedures. For this reason, you may need to come with someone who can accompany you after the procedure.

It is recommended to;

wear comfortable clothes, to choose shirts and similar clothes when coming to the hair transplant operation, to minimize friction with your hair area.

After hair transplantation with DHI method, you may experience a quick and easy healing process if you follow your doctor’s advice and perform the necessary care correctly. If you follow your doctor’s recommendations and take into account the necessary warnings, your hair will regain its natural appearance in a very short time.


Like every other method which is used for hair transplantation, DHI is also requires highly skilled and experienced team to achieve desired results.

At Lale Hair Transplantation Clinic, we are treating our patients with the latest hair transplantation methods including DHI, with our well trained and highly experienced medical professionals. Every year, thousands of patients, all around the world, achieves their dreamlike results with the help of our team.


  • In DHI hair transplantation operations, it is possible for the operator to transplant in much narrower areas. Because direct hair follicle transfer is performed, a natural appearance can be achieved both more often and in narrower areas.
  • There is no need to shave the hair in this method. If desired, unshaven transplantation can be done.
  • In DHI hair transplantation, patients recover much faster, thus continuing their daily lives faster.
  • The incision area for hair transplantation is kept to a minimum. In this way, the risk of bleeding is very low. If done correctly, it is much more advantageous compared to the FUE method.


Hair, whether male or female, is our most effective accessories.
For this reason, hair transplantation should be done carefully and calculated. With the right selected hair transplant center, you can get rid of your baldness and hair loss problems permanently.


It is not possible to give the same price for everyone during hair transplantation. The materials to be used in all hair transplantation methods, including the DHI method, the structure of the hair, the region to be planted, and many similar factors affect the price.

First, the number of roots that will be used in hair transplantation performed by the DHI method is determined. Due to the changing number of grafts, lower wages may be seen in regional cultivation.

The density of the area where hair transplantation will be performed is also an important factor in determining the price. If more intensive hair follicle transfer is required to provide a natural appearance, the price may increase.

To determine DHI hair transplant prices most accurately, firstly it is necessary to examine your hair structure and the area where the transplantation will be performed. As a result of this review, the necessary transactions are calculated and the price is determined correctly.


DHI, which stands for “Direct Hair Implantation” and means direct hair transplantation, is performed by transferring hair follicles found in the body.Since it is completed faster than other hair transplantation methods, this method is very often preferred by people who are suitable for hair transplantation.

During hair transplantation with DHI method, first of all, an area in the person’s body where hair follicles will be removed is determined. From this region, called a donor, hair roots are taken using special devices and transplanted to the desired point.

It is not possible to give the same price for everyone during hair transplantation. The materials to be used in all hair transplantation methods, including the DHI method, the structure of the hair, the region to be planted, and many similar factors affect the price.