On average, an adult human skull has between 100,000 and 150,000 hair follicles. A hair loss of 100 to 200 wires a day is normal. If more hair is loss from this number, it means that there is hair loss at the person. In order to better understand the problem of hair loss, you can check your hair loss status by having the necessary tests free of charge at our Istanbul transplantation center.


Hair loss can have more than one cause or loss may occur depending on a single reason. If we sort out the reasons,

  • Due to hormone deficiency,
  • From food,
  • Misuse of chemical substances on the scalp,
  • Genetic properties,
  • Permanent or later-occurring permanent damage diseases,
  • Hair root growth and growth disorders,
  • Side effects with drug use,
  • Stress and psychological problems,
  • Various diseases that occur on scalp

Hair loss can be seen with these causes. The hair loss process is generally limited to 3 weeks. If this period of hair loss is more the patient should see the dermatologist specialist doctor and ask for treatment. Since our hair also has a life form, deaths occur from old hairs in order to open the place  for newly arrived hair roots. The hair that we lose in the daytime are hair roots that have completed their lives. The breaks that occur before the completion of the life form the hair loss. Hair loss can occur for different reasons, depending on the male and female, and the type of loss.


There are two ways of hair loss. The first is the problems caused by various factors, the other is the hair loss that occur according to the sex of the person.

Male-type hair loss is much more different than other loss and is a sneaky hair loss. According to the researches made by the doctors, men who have male hair loss have stated that their hair becomes weaker and thinner. This is actually a loss that occurs during the years that begin with a slight rarity at the peak of the head. Half of males and 25% of females were observed to have this type of hair loss.

Female-type hair loss, is seen in different cases from male-type hair loss the result reached in the examination of the cases seen, loss cause the genetic factors. In general take place the genetic codes that are passed on as DNA coding from the elders of the family. In the case of a female type of hair loss, the hair begins to thin out after this they loss. The causes of hair loss seen in females are caused by processes other than genetic factors such as iron deficiency, anemia, problems with nutrition, pregnancy, contraceptive pills, hairdressing and refining.


First of all, for people who have hair loss, the first condition of successful treatment is to find the cause of hair loss and put correct diagnosis. After these diagnoses are given, the treatment process can be started. In the process, it is necessary to keep away from chemical substances and hair care products that can damage hair. They need to be fed with a protein-based nutrition program.

When we look at treatment methods to prevent hair loss, the first method is medicine treatment recommended by most doctors. Despite the hair loss, FDA approved medicines produced with special ingredients are not harmful to use under doctor control. Drugs generally show very effective results with thin hair and with loss of brightness hair.
Some people due to the micro needle injected into the scalp the fluids containing various vitamins. In order to make these vitamins injected at intervals of 1 cm more effective, it is necessary to massage the scalp after the injection. It can be applied to both men and women as there is no pain during mesotherapy. The treatment is performed in 5-10 sessions in total, with a 5-day interval.

PRP Hair treatment is the strongest method of treatment against hair loss. In this method, some blood is taken from the person. The blood is injected into the scalp after some blood treatment process. This method is used to people who have hair loss due to genetic factors.
Hair transplantation therapy is a popular treatment method in recent years. With the treatment process in the hair transplantation center, you can have new hairs in places where baldness or loss occurs with injected new hair roots. 


If the person’s hair is experiencing loss or thinning, it may be necessary to change some habits in the person’s life and sometimes to acquire new habits. First of all, you have probably done research on the internet before going to doctor. As a result of this research do not apply the diets you see. No, if you say you will definitely practice, do this with your doctor it will be the most healthy of your practice. Apart from that, you need to arrange your sleeping hours. The healthiest hours of sleep are between 23:00 and 03:00 in the night. Be very careful to sleep between these hours.

Apart from this, try to live a joyful life away from the stress. You can go to cinema or theater for this. You can play various box games together with your loved ones. Vitamin deficiency is one of the main factors in hair loss. That is why you need to get nutritional habits and consume various fruits and vegetables to get rid of vitamin deficiency. If you have cigarette and alcohol use leave it, if you can’t do this you are recommended to reduce it. Finally, you should stay away from Fast Food.