As with hair transplantation, many different technologies and techniques are used in beard transplantation. The experience of the team that will operate beard transplantation, which is a more sensitive process than hair transplantation, is of great importance.


For beard planting to give accurate results, it is very important to apply correctly. An experienced team will ensure that you get the desired result at every point, starting with the inspections that need to be done before transplantation, until after the operation.

The operation begins with the examination of the transplantation area. The donor region to be used is determined at this stage. After determining how many hair follicles are needed, color tones and thicknesses are properly determined; the necessary calculations are made for a natural appearance.

It is very important for beard and mustache transplantation to correctly determine the area where the graft will be taken and to analyze how much graft will be used. If this number is calculated incorrectly, the result will be far from a natural image. Again, in the same way, the color shades of the hair that will be transferred are also important.

During the operation
The operation phase is carried out by DHI or FUE method. As a result of the consultation, it will be determined which method will be used. Also factors such as the number of grafts, details about the method to be used are determined by taking into account the patient’s preference.

During the operation, attention should be paid to the direction of the exit and color tones to ensure the natural appearance of the beards. Some grafts taken from the donor area are not the same color as beards, which can lead to undesirable results in appearance. An experienced team must be worked to prevent this. Again, the direction of the exit of beards must also be correctly determined.

After operation
After beard transplantation, various care and dressing works are carried out. These studies help hair follicles to adapt healthily. The patient can return to his / her daily life in a very short time after the operation.

Although the donor area
varies from person to person, sections such as the nape and back of the ear are usually used. Hair roots taken from these regions visually allow transplantation without causing any negativity.


It is important to be sure of certain issues before beard transplantation. In this way, you can minimize the risk of a failed operation and get the natural look you want much easier.

  • You must ensure that the clinic where you will work meets the necessary conditions. Beard transplantation, which is not performed by specialist doctors and an experienced team, can give unsuccessful results.
  • You should make sure that the technologies to be used are up-to-date and that the operations team is knowledgeable.
  • It is recommended to follow your doctor’s advice before surgery, reduce or stop substances such as alcohol, cigarettes.
  • After transplantation, you should avoid exhausting your face or exposing yourself to external factors for a time. Instead of wearing clothes such as sweaters and T-shirts, you can choose shirts.
  • You should not disrupt the use of solutions and medications prescribed by your doctor. These products will provide a healthy recovery in a much shorter time.
  • After beard transplantation, the recovery is largely completed in a one-week process. You must follow the recommendations of your doctor so that this stage can go smoothly.


The healing process in beard transplantation will begin in a very short time if the operation is completed correctly. After about three days after the procedures, you can wash your face as shown by your doctor and continue your daily life.

Swelling and edema
After surgery, swelling, edema and redness may occur on the face during the first three days. To avoid such situations, it is recommended that your face is not tilted forward, and that you pay attention to these positions while sitting and lying down.

Alcohol and cigarettes should not be consumed to complete the healing process quickly after the transplantation process. Staying away from such harmful products, especially in the first three days, will make recovery much faster.

Scalp improvement
After the operation, it may take time for the hair follicles to fully settle and strengthen. Especially in the first few days, it can be seen that bark is formed in the hair follicles. This condition, as normal, will pass over time and get a healthy appearance. It is recommended that you do not scratch your face and do not play with these shells.


After a month of beard planting, the recovery is largely complete. After this stage, it is important to use medications prescribed by your doctor for healthy results. Besides, instead of using chemicals that you do not know, it is recommended to use solutions and care waters that you will receive on the advice of a doctor. Depending on your beard structure, you may not need to shave for a certain time

After the operation, your doctor will explain in full detail what issues you should pay attention to for how long. As long as you follow the doctor’s advice, the healing process of beard transplantation is quite easy and people can return to their normal lives in a short time. Depending on the transplantation area, your beard will reach a natural shape no later than a year, there will be no signs of the operation.

Shock spill;
A month after beard transplantation, a condition called “shock shedding” is observed. Hair loss is temporary, which means that your hair roots settle down and perform their functions as healthy. The spills will be trimmed after a while and your beard will continue to grow as it should.


Beard transplantation prices vary according to the main factors. Just as in the hair transplant process, the method to be used and the number of grafts will affect the cost.

The area where this operation will be performed is more sensitive than hair transplantation. For this reason, a much more painstaking process must be performed. The number of hair follicles to be used and the transfer of them to the desired area without damage also affect the success of the operation.

Beard transplantation prices can only be determined as a result of the analysis to be carried out. This analysis reveals approximately how many grafts can be used, which method is appropriate. In this way, cost calculation can be made. It is not possible to give a general price because everyone’s needs will be different.