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Who is Lale Keskin?

Lale Keskin, was born in Ankara in 1985, and also completed her studies in the same city. After completing her education life to reach wider masses she came to Istanbul, one of the most popular cities in the world, and now she is still continuing her 17 years of hair transplantation experience in istanbul. She began her first experience with the Fut method, in 2003. In 2006, she continued her journey in this way with the more healthy, more efficient Fue hair transplantation method and performed approximately 12,000 hair transplantation procedures.

Do You Have Patients from Abroad?

There are many people coming from abroad for hair transplantation and this number is rapidly increasing with the number of satisfaction each passing day. Patients often come from Europe generally: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland, also from Arabic countries; Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon and Iraq. She has participated in many hair seminars abroad. Lale Keskin has contributed to the increase of knowledge and experience due to the trainings she has received from many world famous experts.


In her recent studies applying the latest technologies, Lale Keskin focuses on Unshaven Hair Transplantation and Long Hair Transplantation methods. The most natural results in hair transplantation are obtained by designing with the maximum number of grafts in accordance with the structure of the forehead line.

It targets hundred percent success in the transactions by making in this way. Although the method of long hair growth is new in the world and not very known, this method will quickly become a popular. Difficult to apply Long Hair Transplantation method in Turkey can be apply in only a few institutions, as it requires a great deal of experience for successfully implementing, Lale Keskin applied this method to hundreds of people and has served patients who came for this method from many countries of the world.


Lale Keskin, working with a professional team in operating room conditions, has focused on organic hair planting methods by following advanced technology methods and products. In Turkey a hair transplantation procedure is no longer performed in operating conditions but even in normally rooms, and she indicating that she is definitely against of this, and underlining that Hair Transplantation is a surgical intervention and must be done in the operating room environment. As it is health, it is necessary for the people who will have hair transplantation to pay attention to this.

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