In hair transplantation new technologies are constantly evolving. With the addition of techniques to the FUE hair transplantation technique, hair transplantation results have become better. 3D hair transplantation technique is one of these techniques. This technique is applied by Lale Hair Transplantation Center.

The most important criterion in hair transplantation is to obtain a natural appearance after hair plantation. People who suffer from hair loss due to genetic factors or different reasons have the right to have natural hair like every individual. However, if a specialist does not apply special methods, obtaining a grass man image after hair transplantation is the worst possible result. For this reason during applying hair, care must be taken in many aspects. At the beginning of these are the forehead line design. It may give bad result if the forehead line not drawn with the facial features. As Lale Hair Transplantation Center, we perform 3D calculations while we are determining the forehead line, and we perform 3D hair transplantation.

For 3D hair transplantation, first we take photographs with special photo shots from patients. By photographing we transfer the facial structure, forehead-nose-chin proportion of the patient to the computer environment. Then the most natural forehead line of the patient is calculated with digital measurement. This calculation allows us to see the result before the end of the transplantation.


3D Hair Transplantation is a procedure performed by calculating facial contours of a person and determining the forehead line. 3D measurement of face is taken with a special laser device and transfering to the computer environment. The most suitable forehead line is determined by calculating face and forehead passing through a special design on the computer. The most compatible results are obtained when hair transplantation is performed in 3D. These results make very happy those who have experienced hair loss or have suffered from hair loss from different causes, and for the natural results in hair transplantation, should be applied 3D hair transplantation technique.

Patients who prefer to apply this method after hair transplantation are more satisfied with the results they have achieved. It is a pleasure for us to see the satisfaction of the patients who have achieved the natural appearance of their hair after this technique of hair transplantation.

With the growing demand for hair transplantation, technology has advanced a lot. In our country FUE 3D hair transplantation is currently being implemented successfully only by Lale Keskin.