Hair transplantation operations are now very common with help of latest technology. People who are experiencing hair loss are now able to grow their hair back without any side effects or complicated operations. Latest developments about the hair transplantation, like DHI and FUE methods now allows people to regain their lose hair in a short time.nnHowever, the technology helps for the operation and the results, you may need to careful about environmental effects after the transplantation operation. For instance, severe cold and hot weather could affect the results and healing process. If you are curious about how the weather affects the success of hair transplantation and what to care about, we are explaining those in detail.n

Does Cold Weather Affects Hair Transplantation?

nHair transplantation is easy process but right after the operations, your newly planted hair follicles will be delicate and require more care, for a while. Several factors including temperature may affect the results of the operation.nnnnLuckily, when it comes to the cold weather, your hair grafts will be completely fine and, in some cases, the cold weather may help the healing process. But you still need to be careful and follow the instructions of your surgeon precisely.nnExcept extreme cold weather, you will be completely fine after the operation and during the healing stage. As long as you are careful about touching or scratching the area and keeping your head away from the rain or any related environmental affects, you will be completely fine with the healing process.nnHowever, you still need to follow the precautions and rules of your doctor and medical team.n

Does Hot Weather Affects Hair Transplantation?

nHair transplantation during summer is a very common thing and most of the people choosing summer days for operation for a lot of reasons. Hair transplantation procedure is still same during the summer and winter, both.nnIf you follow the orders of your medical team and clinic, you will be fine with the operation during warm days too. However, you may need to maintain utmost care on newly planted hair. For example, you may be required to keep your head away from direct sunlight for a while. Also, you may need to apply some medications or creams to transplantation area for preventing any damage to the newly planted hair grafts.nnWeather or seasons doesn’t affect the results of hair transplantation, as long as you are working with an experienced clinic like Lale Hair Transplantation Clinic.

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